The Mystery Of The Blank HP Printer Display Screen

We get frequent calls about the mysterious blank display on either an HP LaserJet or Color LaserJet printer. There are a couple of different ways that this event can occur:

• A blank backlit display with the ready, data, and attention lights are on
• A blank backlit display with the ready, data, and attention lights are off
• A blank unlit display with the ready, data, and attention lights are on
• A completely blacked out display with no lights on

In all cases you would want to first send a test print job to the printer. If the job prints, chances are you have a defective display. If the job doesn’t print, then it could be a defective formatter board or bad firmware – if it is a model of printer that has removable/replaceable firmware.

However, another thing to keep in mind is; even though it doesn’t print, you may still have a defective display AND an error code happening at the same time (13 paper jam, 50 service, etc.). This doesn’t happen very often, but is a possibility.

To investigate further, try to print an engine test. The engine test will bypass the formatter board and print a page with either black or color lines going down or across the page (depending on machine). If the printer is able to print an engine test, it is mechanically functional, and it’s again possible that you may have a formatter or firmware issue.

You will also want to listen to the printer when you cycle the power to see if the motors and drive assemblies are turning. If you can’t hear those, it is possible you have a “dead” printer and your problem could be with the low voltage /ac power supply. To better determine this, try printing an engine test as mentioned above, which should give a better indication of what is going on with the printer. If after checking and testing the possibilities and you are still having issues, give us a call we’re happy to help!

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